The rich harmonies of shape note and old time gospel music still fills both white and African American churches around west Georgia. Guitar, banjo, fiddle, and mandolin players pick old-time music at local bluegrass barns and regional festivals and in homes across the region. The roots of regional music traditions run deep in the west Georgia region and still shape the current music scene and the many contemporary, often country musicians who hail from Georgia.

The Regional Music Project at the University of West Georgia Center for Public History project explores a wide range of music traditions in the region, across the state, and in the southern states.  Visit our website to discover how we have documented and preserved this music. Learn about what we have in our archival collections. And be sure to read more about our CD releases of this music and about how you can participate in our on-going efforts.

Dr. Ann McCleary

Director, Regional Music Project

amcclear@westga.edu or cph@westga.edu

Center for Public History

Department of History, University of West Georgia


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    Project Director: Dr. Ann McCleary (amcclear@westga.edu)
    Project Curator: Kymara Sneed (ksneed2@my.westga.edu)

    Phone: (678) 839-6141

    Mailing Address:
    Department of History
    University of West Georgia
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